How I made my ecological transition

3.3 Earths.Three small Earth globes and the small end of a fourth rotate on the computer screen."If everyone lived like you, we would need 3.3 Earths," it says.on the Global Footprint Network site.The planet's renewable resources would be depleted every year on April 20.And after that date, then? On credit, the August holidays! On credit, the boeuf bourguignon of winter! Birthdays and Christmas, you'll put them on my note! Fortunately, my second daughter was born on January 1 - at least she had three months of respite before incurring ecological debt.

"Your carbon footprint is 8 tons," calculated the Global Footprint Network site.That is to say the amount of greenhouse gases (which contain carbon, and the main one is CO2, carbon dioxide.carbon) that I emit each year, through my direct activities: heating, transport, work, consumption ...But also indirect; if my clothes are imported, we take into account the water, petroleum, etc., necessary for their manufacture and their transport.Ditto for meat.We also take into account the emissions of the services made available to me, public services (schools, hospitals, barracks, courts, etc.) and private (banks, etc.).The Earth has a limited capacity to absorb CO2 through its “sinks”: forests, oceans.

Engineer and energy consultant Jean-Marc Jancovici explains that "during the 1980s, humanity emitted around 23 billion tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere, and 'Mother Nature' knew how to recover about half of it." These data are not stable and the Global Footprint Network tool is far from perfect, but the general idea is there: we emit too much.

Posted Date: 2020-09-29

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